I can’t fathomThe hatred for my peopleWhy do you hateThose who didn’t ask to come Walking the streetsMy head on a swivelBecause the color of my skinMakes me a weapon A target Killed with extreme prejudiceNo matter where we areOr what we doIf we are compliant We die In this day and timeNo one is … Continue reading Lives

When, Where, and Why?

WhenIt seems almost every daySomething happens to people of colorFrom being shot by “mistake”To being accosted on the sidewalkAnd pepper sprayed in your car. In uniformWhereEverywhere in these united states of amerikkkaIn the carOn the streetsIn your own neighborhoodMore things people of color can’t doWhyNo one knows (c)kingpen2021 Books by Mr. Anthony Arnold can be … Continue reading When, Where, and Why?

A Young Man’s Journey

Disrespected One cannot walk in their neighborhood Without being accosted and accused By those self-appointed bigots Violence and stupidity their Forte Who has appointed you to be? Judge and jury Who has given you the right? To decide who walks where And when Reverse the narrative A young man not of color Stopped, and assaulted … Continue reading A Young Man’s Journey

Justice Denied

Breonna Taylor Killed in her home A grand jury with a chance To do the right thing Justice denied Wanton endangerment The charge levied Because the bullets Went into other places But nothing about Breonna Taylor An ex cop charged Two others free All three can go home Breonna cannot Ever again When will it … Continue reading Justice Denied