Black Consciousness

Black Consciousness by Anthony Arnold Black consciousness is an attitude of the mind and a way of life, the most positive call to emanate from the black world for a long time. Steven Biko We are the voice that emirates from the soul of a people A people that is still finding it’s way A … Continue reading Black Consciousness

A Time of Sorrow

A Time of Sorrow   If you watch the news Or if you read social media This is a time of sorrow And it won’t get better Anytime soon In the beginning It was the senior citizens that lost their lives Now the targets have have flipped It is the younger ones dying How hard … Continue reading A Time of Sorrow


Murdered by Anthony Arnold A day just like any other day Sun shining, birds singing A good day for a run Unfortunately it was also a day to die Murdered A young man jogging A route he had taken before Hey he fits the description Let’s get him Trayvon Martin comes to mind Chased down … Continue reading Murdered

The NFL Will Implode

The NFL as we know it is about to implode! Owners have issued an ultimatum and according to the CBA it would be a violation. Which means court cases. Which may mean the Supreme court. For some this is what they want. For others they don’t know what they want. All they do want is … Continue reading The NFL Will Implode